Our plans provide
plenty of choices

Our two plans have different premiums, coverage levels, and costs but they both come with the same fast and friendly service. Plus, both offer nationwide pharmacy access, as well as mail-order convenience and savings.

Key plan features include:

Blue MedicareRx Value Plus (PDP)

  • $2 copay for a 30-day supply of Tier 1 Preferred
    Generic drugs at a network pharmacy that offers
    preferred cost-sharing or a 90-day supply through mail-order service.
  • $0 annual deductible on Tier 1 Preferred Generic drugs and Tier 2 Generic drugs.

Blue MedicareRx Premier (PDP)

  • $0 annual deductible on all covered drugs.
  • Additional coverage of Tier 1 Preferred Generic drugs and Tier 2 Generic drugs in the Coverage Gap.

Benefits Blue MedicareRx Value Plus (PDP) Blue MedicareRx Premier (PDP)
Large Network of Retail Pharmacies Checked Checked
Network Retail Pharmacies with Preferred Cost-Sharing Checked Checked
Mail-Order Service Checked Checked
Includes most Medicare Part D eligible higher cost generic drugs Checked Checked
Availability of most commonly-used generic drugs at the lowest copayment (Tier 1) Checked Checked
Additional Plan Coverage for Tier 1 Preferred Generic Drugs and Tier 2 Generic Drugs in the Coverage Gap Checked

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